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some of the DVD and all CDs are blank


Nov 17, 2013
I have LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GH22NP20 in my machine (intel p4 1.8ghz, RAM 1.49GB 86x) running window xp sp3. My problem is defferent a bit. My dvd writer suddenly stopped reading CD and DVD which I was using in past though I made(burnt) those dvd and bootable xp cd for my personal use and I know its not blank because I checked it on my friend's computer(window 7) now it read as blank by my system.
I thought my dvd writer is dead but after a week I bought new game dvd (spider-man friend or foe) and it is working fine and running smoothly but I checked out brand new song CD and its read as blank(all old CD DVD too).
I also checked registry and there is no upper or lower filter there. I tried microsoft fix it and upgraded latest firmware of dvd writer too and I checked device manager reports that no problem with dvd writer(window detect it fine) also tried uninstalling and rolling back but no luck.
I want to install window 7. everything is ready but dvd is not working please help (If my DVD writer is dead then how do I install window 7 without using dvd writer?) please help..
try this..try reinstalling the motherboard chipset drivers and then reboot into f8 safe mode. go under device manager and remove all the dvd drives that pop up. reboot and see if the disk read. if they still wont read there a free microsoft tool called iso to usb tool that you can download that will take a windows iso image and put it onto a usb stick for you (4g fat 32 formated).

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