Question Some of the keys in my keyboard are often late to respond.

May 28, 2020
2 particular letters of my HP laptop's keyboard, the L and the O, and sometimes the P and the 9 (all next to each other) don't work.

I don't have any idea why: I don't remember when it started, probably some months ago.
I'm a bit messy, so I thought maybe some food went into them or any types of liquids. Therefore I tried to open the keys and clean from any hair or dust, or things like that. I didn't have compressed air, so I used alcohol on a cotton bud. But nothing has changed.

The problem seems to happen just some times: the letters don't work for a minute or so and then restart. I put a little more pressure or like press more than one time and then it works, but it's just temporary. And I think that with this technique I'm just damaging more those keys.

Can someone help me? Is it a software or a hardware problem? Do I have to change those keys? Has someone ever been in the same situation?

May 29, 2020
Disassemble those keys with their jumper that are not working, disassemble 2 working keys, seat the working keys on L, O, P, and 9 (make sure they are same size obviously) and check if the problem might be the key itself.

You could have damaged the actual circuitry below when cleaning it though.

If you have the time, and before giving up, best thing is a backup and fresh reinstall and check if it was a software problem.

I would also contact HP if still in warranty.