Question Some pins from mobo not working. No video output but computer does turn on.

Jun 26, 2021
I just got around to building a PC for my SO so it's pretty basic. Also, I did follow my manual and tried to make sure everything was plugged in 3-4 times.

Here's what I got:
The graphic card wasn't my first choice, but I had it laying around the house. I was able to make it all fit and the computer started (I had the case open). After cleaning up the wires to make the case clean-ish, I closed it all up and the case fans wouldn't start anymore ( the one connected to FAN2 pin connector). So, naturally, I opened up the case, made sure it was all connected. I tried it again, and everything powered up. I closed it all and it stopped working ( again). So I repeated what I did before, but now, the FAN2 won't work. When I try to connect my case fan to my CPU FAN connector, it does work, which just tells me the FAN2 connector won't work. Now, here's the thing, nothing else starts up. The power button does work (the PSU starts too) and it lights up. The CPU fan will start too. However, the GPU won't start ( at least the fan won't) and there's no video output at all.

Here's my question, before I go and buy a new motherboard, is my assumption that the mobo is broken since its half working right?