Question Some problem with my quadraphonic speaker setup.

May 19, 2020
I have couple Near 04s ( I plugged it in the Line In) as my main speaker and a Sonic Gear Evo 7 pro as a secondary speaker (Plugged it in the Rear )
I just setup the speakers yesterday and turns out that the Evo 7's randomly don't work . I've tried to find some question on the Internet The Control Panel's Sound configuration thing worked ok, the speakers
seem to work when testing it. There are sounds, which means there is signal. No sound on the Evo 7's when playing music and watching YouTube or Netflix.

It didn't work for a while until I decided to play some games, specifically, It worked on CSGO and Half Life 2 and a couple more games. I was thinking of using an audio splitter to add two inputs for the Line In . I wont be sure how that would work..
Realtek has been screwing up these couple of days,
I tried to update the drivers and there are errors and stuff. I have no Idea what to do now, all I can do is depend on this website. Thanks for reading, I hope someone can help me out.