Some recommendations on my rig? (NZ)

CyanideCool aid

Jun 8, 2009
Ok, I'm open to any suggestions and if you do have anything, link would be nice and from NZ as well. Also, I'd like to crossfire in the future and I'm not entirely sure about if my PSU's enough and and any good fans I should get? (OCing)

MB: Ga-Ma790x-UD4P

CPU: Phenom X3 720 BE

RAM: G. Skill 4GB kit DDR2-1066

Hard drive: Western Digital WD6400MKS 640GB

DVD Writer: LG GSA-H55L 20x

Graphics Card: Lil stuck here, don't know which 4890 is good or best price but this one seems alright,

And thats the kinda price I'd spend on a graphics card..

Case: Another one, I'm looking for one thats decently quiet but can keep cool, but I'd rather take more noise and lotsa cooling then other way.
But I find these ones, Antec 300, Antec P182 and Coolermaster CM690. And nothing more expensive then the P182...

PSU: Antec EA650w

Oh and if it means anything my res is 1680 x 1050


Nov 27, 2008
Looks good, but I have a few suggestions:

Spend 10 extra $ on this processor (its not AM3, but its still a very good cpu):

The video card you selected is good, but if your going to go crossfire, you will need at least a 750 watt PSU with those cards. Try a corsair brand PSU.

I have used the CM690 case on multiple occasions, and it is quiet and cool, and has a very nice design.

If your going to OC, I would recommend a 3rd party CPU cooler, but otherwise, AMD stock will be ok.

Good luck!



At 1680x1050, you will never have the need to Crossfire with a 4890. You may be better suited if you can find a 4770 & set it up in Crossfire or buy the 4890 and wait to you upgrade your monitor to Crossfire.

The case is up to you but I would recommend the CM 690, myself
All the 4890's I have seen for sale in NZ are the reference card . Theyre all identical aprt from some stickers and maybe a game bundled with it . Buy the cheapest one .

The 4770's crossfired dont work out as a good option here because of local prices . 4890's were really well priced last time I looked
As mentioned you wont need a second 4890 any time soon at that resolution .