Question Some sites i cant access says "took too long respond" and some sites dont load completely

Aug 7, 2019
I've accidentally changed my wifi IP address in cmd while trying to access private DHCP by using the ethernet cable but I couldn't access either. After disconnecting the ethernet, I try to use my own iPhone as a hotspot, some sites I couldn't access and it says took too long to respond. I've tried:-

Clear browser cache, history, and cookies
Reset Chrome browser settings
Restart DNS client
Change IPv4 DNS Address
Reset the Chrome profile Sync
Remove browser extension from Chrome
Reset TCP/IP
Reinstall Chrome
Install another web browser
Flush DNS
netsh int IP reset
I also reset my PC :(

and I don't know how to restore it. I use my iPhone as a hotspot device. any leads?
I've tried on youtube but it still dint get what I want :(