Question Some sites i cant access says "took too long respond" and some sites dont load completely

why some websites takes "too long to respond"

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Aug 7, 2019
I've accidentally changed my wifi IP address in cmd while trying to access private DHCP by using the ethernet cable but I couldn't access either. After disconnecting the ethernet, I try to use my own iPhone as a hotspot, some sites I couldn't access and it says took too long to respond. I've tried:-

Clear browser cache, history, and cookies
Reset Chrome browser settings
Restart DNS client
Change IPv4 DNS Address
Reset the Chrome profile Sync
Remove browser extension from Chrome
Reset TCP/IP
Reinstall Chrome
Install another web browser
Flush DNS
netsh int IP reset
I also reset my PC :(

and I don't know how to restore it. I use my iPhone as a hotspot device. any leads?
I've tried on youtube but it still dint get what I want :(