Some sites won't load when my adsl modem is connected to router


Jan 12, 2011
so i have a slight problem with the internet, and i'm a complete noob when it comes to internet and gateway and firewall and all that so please excuse my stupidity on this subject.

i have a adsl modem tp link td 8840, and i had this up and running well for about 3 days. then we decided to get a router cause my little sis got a ipad2.
the router is dlink dir 61.

so basically i followed all the instructions and the internet was working fine. then for some reason ign site stopped working, i thought that it was down for some reason and didn't think much of it and today when i tryed to go into hotmail or facebook it doesn't work either.

so i can get into the log in pages of both, but when i put in the id and password, the screen goes blank and just says waiting for .... on the bottom (using google chrome).
and it never loads.

i tryed with other internet browsers and it din't work so i took out the router and re wired the adsl modem only and voila. all the sites started working again.

i want to use my router but i don't know why i can't acess some sites when i have it connected. is it to do with its settings or some sort of clash? i know i ranted a bit but i am really confused, first time using a separate router and modem.

many help will be greatly appreciated and if nothing works i'll just have to call my isp on Monday and see if they know the problem.


Oct 24, 2007
Hi, my 1sy guess would be you have simply dropped your internet connection and you can get to the login pages because they are cashed on your PC.

When you see the problem try and ping a website from your command line, ideally use a webste you know exists but yo have not visited, the website should resolve to an IP but may not actually respond. next try and ping this is one of googles free DNS servers at you can bet your life it's online.

If all the above confirm you have dropped your internet connection, rebooting the router and modem will probably resolve, repeat instance point to an issue with the router (assuming you never get this issue just on the modem)

do a factory reset on the router and complete the setup again, if it still does it you may have a dud one.


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