Question Some USB ports not working after power outage ?

Nov 29, 2020
My motherboard Asus Prime B250 Pro has no working USB ports of a primary controller (backward, front, additional USB pins). It has two USB 3.1 ports on backward which still work (separate controller).

It happened already multiple times, after a sudden power failure (sometimes Sunday evening our apartment building has power outages, long story, I hope it will be solved).
I did try to restart my PC, clean it, reinstall drivers, clear CMOS, many other things and nothing helped. All USB has power, even when they are not recognized by PC.

But after a few days (sometimes a week) they start working again (it already happened 3 times, now 4th time they are not working). Also when USBs are not working the PC can not go to sleep or be turned off (this issue is most distracting), it continues to work with a black screen (at least coolers).

So, my assumption is some current loop which prevents USB from working and turning off. Any idea what I can test with a multimeter or something like that? How to do that?