Some way to monitor or read cpu temp in HPs3700f pc


Apr 9, 2010
Hello,i noticed that my HPs3700f runs hot especially onsome malware or virus programs. the useage sometimes gets to almost 90 % and damn it runs hot. 60 degrees witha thermocouple installed in the cpu heat sink and thermal compount. i use a meter iwwth temp probe.However i want a programoriented sensor for the cpu and hardrive. These new slimlines run hot. does a sensor have to be added some way or can they track current of cpu and convert to power? RACO
You can use programs such as Real Temp, Core Temp, SpeedFan and HW Monitor to check your CPU and/or other hardware temperatures. Sometimes though, if the temperature seems very odd or extreme, like 2C for Atom N280s, it's just a glitch or the DTS on the CPU is not functioning properly.