Question Some websites refusing to load today without VPN randomly.


Oct 10, 2017
Hello. I have a few websites (Reddit, discord, that just won't load on my internet all of a sudden. They work with VPN and all other sites work with VPN. Same on my phone. I restarted my modem 3 times and got an IP change but same issue, it says this site can't be reached and discord says connection issue. Other sites load and some don't. I contacted my ISP and they can't find the issue. Any idea? It was working yesterday.
It is likely a DNS issue. Could be your router which likely cache results or the ISP dns if you are using them.

Try to set the dns manually in your pc to or

You should be able to test with the nslookup command to see if you get different IP addresses using different DNS servers. You should also be able to see if you can actually ping the IP addresses of the sites or if it just does not resolve in the DNS.