Question someone else typed and laptop became very slow

Jul 2, 2019
Hi, I was playing Brawlhalla last night when I noticed that messages were being sent from me by someone else - it was coming under my name, but I didn't see it typing the individual characters.

I closed the game and the laptop being very slow, I couldn't even open task manager. Also, the fan was spinning like crazy.

I have changed the password for my steam account and ran a malwarebytes scan but nothing came up.

Any help would be appreciated.
Many games out there, and as many people that unfortunately fall for (sometimes willingly seeking cheats, othertimes merely deceived) install assorted 'patches', or even cheats, many of which are merely malware, be they remote access trojans, bitcoin or assorted crypto- currency miners, key loggers, etc...

If you downloaded ANYTHING from non-certified sources, you might now be 'hacked', or, at least malware-laden...

I'd flatten the installation, and start over.

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