Question Someone knows what causes this ingame performance problems?

Mar 19, 2020

Ive been dealing with this problem for a long time now. I bought this pc in 2018 nov, but its a problem since.
I got hard fps drops in every game, for example i got 144 fps in a game and suddenly drops down to 10-30 fps and goes back to 144 and it keeps repeating.
It makes every game unplayable.
In shooter games when i click to shoot my pc drops fps immediately and the sound is cracking too.
In Cod:warzone or PUBG when i reach the ground the texture is not loading quick enough and i see no grass no details in the environment and having low fps.
I have tried to lower the settings in both games but sometimes it is not improving my fps or it improves only a little bit.
My drivers are up to date.
My load time is usually long in rainbow and LoL too. I use ssd for windows and WoW only.

Asus Cerberus Geforce GTX1070Ti 8GB
Sharkoon TG5 LED
Western Digital Blue 1TB (2.5/128MB/5400/SATA3)
Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 700W
Intel Core i5 8600K
Kingston 8GB
(3200 mhz)
Kingston A400 120GB [2.5"/SATA3]
ASRock Z370 Pro4

I have uploaded a youtube video so you can check my quick COD:Warzone gameplay:
Mar 19, 2020
what u experiencieng are i/O stalls
possible reasons:
wrong bios settings, bad driver(s), hardware (or is firmware) fault

try reset CMOS, to reset BIOS settings, run it on default settings
see if that helps, if not, try update your bios
for driver issues, run latencymon
I have reseted Bios to default but it has not fixed the problem.
I ran latencymon:" Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without droputs"
How do i check hardware (or is firmware) fault ?


Jul 19, 2015
Most likely a RAM issue. I had the same problems on Blackout last year because I only had 8 Gigs of RAM. now with 16 I don't get any stuttering. 16 is definitely becoming the standard for AAA games.
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Western Digital Blue 1TB (2.5/128MB/5400/SATA3) - This drive is for a mobile PC, has a slow, slow 5400RPM speed with a limited 2 year warranty. Recommend removing & replacing.

SSD with small 128GB storage - recommend removing & replacing with 500GB size.

Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite
Just buy something else.

I could tell you what Kingston 8GB (3200 mhz) is. Try using a part number.
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