Question Something bizzare with my hard drive or Steam ?


Jul 25, 2016
I had 2 origin connected steam games Battlefield 2042 and Fifa 22 (only Steam ORIGIN games, no other game had this issue) , I noticed only both of these games didn't update anymore , so I tried to manually update them and then boom steam gave me an error saying missing privileges and cant download or load the game.. so after various attempts I uninstalled both , but then steam didn't uninstall it??? SO I went into my hard drive and uninstalled the games manually and it said 96 GB deleting / recycling . So I was like ok let me clear it from my Recycling Bin and I noticed only FIFA 22 was in there ,my battlefield 2042 was no where to be found , I looked everywhere where it would be and I've still yet to find any source of the game folder, and the worst part , its still TAKING UP HARD DRIVE SPACE!!!! I've hated origin for a while now but for both games to fail ONLY and now hold 55 gb of my hard drive hostage is just STUPIDDDDD.

Anyone have this issue or know a fix to this??

I've tried uninstalling steam, uninstalling games and these specific games.
Tried deleting CACHE and tried to verify files and library folder.... still nothing

anyone have any idea?!?! PLEASEE (ive already restarted and everything checked for drive errors, same issue)

I FOUND THE FIX : Turns out I had to uncheck some "hide files options" and viola theres a folder "$RECYCLE$ and inside it was a nothing too big but when trying to delete it , it said the same size as my old battlefield install!!! (it even changed icons when deleting it?!?!?!?) anyways screw u windows ,steam and origin lol
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