Question Something is blocking few programs

May 29, 2019
Symptoms are similiar and it is about:
  • mozilla thunderbird
  • adobe bridge
  • adobe photoshop
  • vegas pro 16
Very often there are errors like that:

  • an error occured while saving the project. the file could not be created
  • an operation could not be done. Access denied, because is using by different process.
The problem came yesterday. I have scanned a computer by avast and malwarebytes. It was 2 files infected by adware.elex.shrtcln. I have cleaned it and now both scans show there is no viruses. I don't know this adware was the problem besause the problem still persists. Please help!

Intel i5-8600, 16 RAM, SSD 240, SSD 250, HDD 2TB, HDD 2TB, windows 10 pro 1809
At some point did you migrate/clone from HDD to an SSD? Sounds as if there might be some OS confusion on permissions and/or app locations...

As installing WIndows to some SSDs can be a 4-5 minute affair, I'd nuke the OS and start over....or, uninstall all problematic applications and reinstall them, and, if unsuccessful, then start over....

Depends on your patience...but barring any actual hardware issues, a nuke and pave sure cures lots of OS/applications ailments!