Question Something is failing in my PC

May 2, 2021
About year ago my PC started to freeze with sound loop with only option to reset (in heavy games). Or BSOD with different messages (most of them Kernel related). After that sometimes it could not turn on on first try (light on case turn on, vents turning for couple seconds, then turns off, repeat). I reinstalled all drivers, including mobo's BIOS updates and everything was fine for a time. Half year- the same, reinstalled drivers, but no effect, but after i picked battery from mobo making hard reset, problem was solved. Couple weeks ago i noticed that PC periodically starts with black screen with specs and message "All setting were reset to default". Then BSODs on heavy loaded games cames back (only on some games tho). After i pulled battery again problem was solved for a time but now i have another freeze so now i think i really should do something with all this.

Something is slowly failing and i can't define what is because failings are not consistent.

I have FSP 550W PSU (good one but pretty old already)
MSI B85-G43 (blue one, not gaming)
Xeon 1240v3
2 x CRUCIAL CT102464BD160B DDR3L - 8ГБ 1600
MSI 1060 6Gb Gaming
2 x SSDs (860 evo Samsung 500Gb and A-Data Premier Pro SP920 256Gb)
1 HDD (WD Blue 500Gb, veeeery old)

Thinking problem should be in either motherboard or PSU since other components were kinda tested at first time problem appear (memtest, health of disks, etc).
All temperatures are normal, no custom OC on any parts (sometimes a bit of OC on GPU on afterburner, but it was never related to troubles).
Also, Mobo is pretty hot on blue case under GPU after failures (still can touch tho, could be just heating from GPU when cooling turned off while temp is under 60)


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By old, how old is that PSU? YOU forgot to mention the model for the unit since FSP is the brand and 550W is the wattage. Which OS are you on for your platform? Latest BIOS version for the motherboard? If so, please state the BIOS version you're on. You should use Samsung's Magician app to make sure that the SSD's firmware is up to date while AData's ToolBox app will help make sure that the AData SSD's firmware is up to date. Remove the WD Blue 500GB HDD and see if the problem persists, the other thing you can do is source a donor PSU with at least 650W Of power for the entire system that is reliably built(of higher quality).