something is running VERY hot...


Aug 15, 2007
Looks like your speedFan is not reading propper....AMD system? You might want to try real temp or one of the other utilities.
Your vcore1 and vcore2 are out to lunch....1 looks fine but 2 is way to high...
Same with some of your voltages on the psu...definitely not reading right.

the associate

Jun 3, 2008
i have excat same issue, except im at 76 :p
Im still not sure whatthe heck it is, but when i saw that i started touching every part of my mobo, til i burnt my finger on the vregs.
I bought a mobo with hs on vregs and im gona see if theres a diff, already having spent 30 on a new nbridge heatsink, and 15 on a sbridge hs, my ga-ma770 ds3 has been nothing but annoyances...
Not to fret, fanspeed has an AUX reading of 127c on my system.
Just a miss reading or it is trying to read a nonexistent sensor.

I would have been more worried about the voltage readings if I were you.
0.0v on the +3.3v, -16.97v on the -12v and -8.78v on the -5v :sweat: