Question Something is wrong with my pc, but I'm not sure what

Jan 31, 2022
As of recently, I've been experiencing a couple problems on my pc:
  • When playing a video (Youtube, Twitch Stream, any type of video media) the video will freeze, but the audio will continue for a couple seconds and then the video will play normally. (this happens everytime I pause and then unpause any media.
  • The video games I play will experience a complete freeze before a match starts and then continue on normally as well as a couple crashes here and then(Fortnite, DeadbyDaylight, Apex Legends, others).
  • The usual system ping noise when changing the volume or running a program as admin play very late or not at all (in addition to this, whenever I change the volume my system starts to freeze and I can't change the volume for a couple seconds).
  • When playing video games, I experience frequent frame drops at random intervals, (more noticeable in Fortnite).
The first 3 issues listed have been ongoing since 2 days ago and the last one has been happening for a couple of months. I am not very familiar with pc's or the hardware, so I am really at a loss of what could be happening, help identifying the issue would definitely be appreciated.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Memory: 15.94 GB RAM
(any other info needed please let me know)
Jan 31, 2022
brand and model of the psu?
how full is the ssd?
check cpu/gpu temp?
malware scan the system?

The psu is from a ASUS prebuilt model GL10DH-NB551
I have 431 used of 475 GB
The cpu and gpu temps stay around the 70s C while gaming, never higher than 83.
From a malware scan, it says there's nothing found.