Something needed to be replaced?Freeze!


Apr 10, 2009
Hi,this is the first time I ask question here..

I am using a dell media desktop...on board display card with 420W PSU.
My computer freezes when I am using it...and even not using...but easier to freeze when gaming...
My friend told me that it is the problem of PSU or motherboard....
I have run error..

Do you guys think it is the problem of PSU or motherboard??

budget is not that much(CPU+motherboard+display card = 100-200)...but still..want to go with a more reliable brand

The computer is for doing homework, watching video, and a little gaming..

CPU: E5200 or E7400...or other good cpu within my little budget..?
Display card: ???I have a 1080p monitor....
May be playing Aion online, but do not need to play with the highest configuration...(can go with 720p)
I can even play Aion with my on board ..does not need a expensive one..
PSU: Can I use the 420W PSU from Dell?? If not, please suggest..
Case: a cheap one..or stay with the dell case..but I think it is too small..and no hard drive space!

other things is not needed..

If your computer is just stalling for a few seconds and then its OK again the chances are you can cure the problem by adding more memory [ RAM] .
XP needs about 2 gig
Vista must have 2 gig

Adding a gfx card will help here too , since your onboard gfx uses system RAM . Adding a gfx card with 512 MB of ram can make your computer run much more smoothly by freeing main memory

If you do upgrade you will find the version of windows that came with the Dell wont install on your new computer . Thats $100 before you buy anything else

2 gig of RAM will cost you $20 and [ assuming your motherboard has a pci-e x 16 slot ] an ATI 4670 will cost you $60 - 70 on newegg


Hi - just to clarify, when you say 'freeze' do you mean

- the PC stops for a few seconds or

- the PC stops completely and needs a restart

as for upgrading the Dell, can you give us a link to the exact model or give the model name/specs? Quite a few Dells use proprietary mainboards/case layouts so your upgrade options may be limited.



Apr 10, 2009
My computer is using 2 GB of RAM...I added it a year ago^^
Also, no pci-e x 16 computer is just too old...
I think my computer has PCI only..

Freeze means - the PC stops completely and needs a restart (not blue screen)
Sorry about that...

Computer model:HP Media Center m1264n Desktop PC
(only 1 hard drive bay...)

msconfig startup items
remove temporary files
remove spyware
Done these already, still freezes...