Question Something to connect the keyboard with

Apr 13, 2022
Sorry to make another thread about the same issue, you can read more about it here if you care (
But to summarise it, any keyboard I plug into this motherboard types randomly many letters at a time, the issue isn't from the keyboard because I have put in a few and they all do the same, it isn't a software issue as I have formated the pc twice, so st this point it can only be a hardware issue, but the most confusing thing is...other devices work...completely fine, mouse, storage usb, even connected my phone to it through usb, all work completely fine. But then i connect a keyboard and the pc goes insane, I'm wondering at this point, before replacing the motherboard, would connecting the keyboard through something else, idk...for example a usb hub or something else, would that help? Since as Iv said, it used the pc for hours with other devices and they function just fine, so what if connecting the keyboard in a diffrent way would work
Thanks in advance.