Question Sometimes my computer doesn't open programs, usb ports don't work, and I can't shut down/restart.

Sep 6, 2019
Guys, since I built my pc I always had this problem, but it was very difficult to happen, now it's happening practically every day, and this is horrible since the only way to solve it is to turn off the computer by that key at the source and turn on again.

It turns out that I have no idea what is causing this, I dismiss the idea that it may be some virus or malware since I have formatted it several times and always had this problem. You can't really know when it starts, sometimes I'll try to open Steam and it just won't open, that's when I know it started, because some other programs don't work anymore, others work normally like the browser. Another problem is that the USB ports do not work anymore, today I got to know that, I put the pendrive and windows didn’t recognize it, I also disconnected and reconnected the keyboard and it just stopped working, just forcibly turning off the computer and turning on again to return to normal.

Certainly more things should happen but I haven't seen it yet, I just know that it's very strange and I couldn't find a way to solve it.

My config:

- Ryzen 5 1600 3700mhz (OC)

- B450 Aorus Elite

- RX 580 4GB Gigabyte

- Corsair CX 550w

- 16GB Ram DDR4 3000mhz (OC)

- 2 SSD / 1 HD 500gb

- 5 Fans in the case

Tests I did:

- I did tests on all memories with memtest86 and they showed no errors;

- I have no problems with the temperature of the components, they are all very cold;

- It is not the video card, I have done several tests on it, I have already sent it to the RMA once but it has no problem;

- I did tests on the 2 SSDs and also on the HD, no problem, except for the HD that in the HDTune program presents a problem with the name "Relocated event count";

- All drivers are up to date, including BIOS which is in the latest version;

- I did tests at the source with a multimeter and all voltages are normal;

- I've changed the processor's thermal paste 2 times and nothing;

- I did other tests too but I don't remember.

I really need to solve this because I am afraid that some component will stop working because I have to turn off the computer by the source, sometimes even the button on the case does not work, and there is no point trying to restart or turn off the computer because it is in a loop infinite and never turns off.

Sorry for the bad English, I had to use the google translator.