Question Sometimes screen freezes, sometimes multiple squares and blocks, then black screen and GPU crashes on every first game opened ?


Jul 16, 2018
My GPU crashes one time everytime I open a game after every boot up. it also happens on video calls on zoom or googlemeet.
So i need to open a game first to trigger the first gpu crash so I can use the pc without issues.
Sometimes it just freezes instantly a game opens, but sometimes it has like seconds delay. Sometimes it shows squares and blocks before crashing.

Already tried wiping out gpu drivers and installing older versions.

I only did an OC on my RAM to 2900mhz but I already turned it back to normal and no changes to the crashes.

Specs :
Msi Rx 5500 xt 4gb
Ryzen 5 2600
Skihotar 2x8gb 2600 mhz
Msi a320 m pro e
Psu msi A650bn
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