SonicWall & Router sharing one connection

Handsome Rob

May 3, 2012
Hello all, question regarding a network setup at work. I understand basic concepts but am very much not advanced.

We get ADSL through our ISP, with two static IP's. Right now it goes
Wall-->Modem-->SonicWall-->(1)Punch Clock(2)PC #1(3)PC #2.

ISP is very reliable, internet (which I think goes through VPN via SonicWall? Not a network person) is not.
Have an old WRT54G lying around, and a 4 port switch in the closet somewhere. I had thought to try and do something like this:
Wall-->Modem-->Hub/Switch?-->(1)-->WRT54G(a)-->PC #1(b)-->PC #2 (2)--> SonicWall

I have no access to the SonicWall settings, do not want to screw with it. IT is on the other side of the continent, but they don't care what we do with our ISP so long as it doesn't screw with the SonicWall/Clock so daisy chaining and such are out.
Would I be able to set the other Static IP to the WRT54G MAC, put a hub or switch in front of the two of them, and leave the SonicWall as it is now? I would have thought it would need to be a Hub in front of the two routers but they don't seem to make them anymore?