Question Sony Music Center For PC Settings Question

May 26, 2019
I use Sony's Music Center for PC app on my Windows 10 PC to transfer music from my computer to my Sony Walkman player. I have gone through the settings and there is an import setting that I am curious as to its function and its effects on my songs.

I currently listen to most of my music on the Walkman in FLAC. However, I use a different CD ripping program to copy my CDs and gather their song and album information. Under "Settings" for Acquire Song Information, at the top of the list, there is a checkbox (currently unchecked) that states "Automatically retrieve song info / Perform 12 Tone Analysis."

Below that option are three sub-options (currently dimmed due to the main option being unchecked) listed to "Automatically retrieve the following when not available. (Existing information will not be overwritten.)" The three sub-options are "Song information such as Song name, Genre, and Release year," "Cover art," and "12 Tone Analysis."

I am personalizing the settings for this software and I am unfamiliar with the mentioned options. My question is if I activate this option and its three sub-options, will this change the data on my source music files on my computer's hard drive or will they remain unchanged?

It is my intention to keep the album and song data provided by the other CD ripping software that I used to copy my CDs to FLAC and use Music Center for PC to transfer the songs from my computer to my Walkman.

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It's kind of hard to say. Like you I used to rip my music from my CD's onto my desktop and then consumed them on my walkman phone and players(I had both). Back then Windows Media Player was allowed to connect to the www and then retrieve all necessary information(including cover art) for the tracks. Most often they'd get it right but on other occasions, the cover art and the tracks from the compilations CD's I'd rip them from would be miles apart.

I did manually input some information and then selected the relevant cover art.

For your question, the tracks might be rewritten physically on your drive to conform to album/genre and maybe even artist