Sony Smartwatch 2: Hands-on, Day-to-Day

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Nov 9, 2007
The battery for these smart watches is a bummer. Sure it is nice the watch can save you the hassle of pulling out ur cell phone out of your pocket to read a text message. However, I for one will not want to recharge my watch every single day. I'd get a good conventional watch over these any time.

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I wore a watch for many years but got out of the habit about 3 years ago. Give this another generation to refine it as bit and I might start wearing one again.


Dec 13, 2011
Watches are nothing but a fashion accessory these days.

I remember back when I was 8 years old. It was my first watch and I loved it. It was the Casio Calculator Watch CA53W. It helped me cheat through many math tests! When that watch broke 6 years later it was replaced with the Casio Calculator Watch DBC30, it was the highlight of my junior high school and high school years. I loved it. It stored phone numbers, set reminders like birthdays and appointments. It was great.

Sadly I went to a HTC 8525 and I used the watch less and less. Sadly, it is funny if you every come across someone with a watch on their wrist, 8 out of 10 times when you ask them the time they will look at their phone and tell you the time, especially if it is a analog watch.
I'll wait for something with true health monitoring. Heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, laser beams to check my cholesterol, body fat %, water %, alcohol and medicine levels... that sort of stuff. That'll make it worth it to me. ;-)


Aug 24, 2012
I have the first model. It works with all Android phones, not just Sony ones as stated in the article.

How's the touch screen on this latest model? On my Smartwatch v1 it's pretty bad: interprets swipes as taps and vice versa. It would be good to know if they fixed the problem.

In re. to those commenting that you need to charge it every day: you don't. The watch battery lasts for several days after being charged.

No one needs a smart watch, but they're very convenient for checking incoming messages, controlling your phone's MP3 player, and especially for telling the time :)
@ vinay2070 - you forgot, people will have to charge their 3rd device, the bluetooth headset as well. That's 3 devices to keep charged. Sounds like a chore to me. Yes, it may last several days. If you have to go out of town, its still a few more things to tow around.


I like how it works on all/more phones unlike the Gear. I'm very interested in watches like these. Like others I haven't worn a watch in a long time. But I might start with these. Only thing that bugs me is the blue tooth bit. Great the watch can handle it, but for a phone to have its cell, wifi, and BT connection open all the time I agree that you might have to turn off BT to keep your phone alive. I wonder if they can come up with a way to have the phone auto turn on BT when there is something to send to the watch? That way it doesn't drain as fast.


Jun 17, 2010
Lol @ "style". It's black and has diamond-cut edges. Nothing innovative there. Also if you think many women are going to wear that I'd guess you're wrong!
Anyway other than that it looks interesting. Well, as interesting as any smartwatch.
I see Apple is still playing it close to it's chest :)


Oct 22, 2006
The first time Sony announced this watch, I said What ? No BT 4.0 LE ?? but I figured it out as Sony by that time didn't have any BT 4.0 LE capable phone... but ti's was a mistake as they will sure launch one soon and they did like Xperia Z...


May 7, 2009
I want:

1) battery life of at least a week, showing the time and selected info from my phone. That means e-ink.

2) wireless charging. No physical connectors to wear out please.

3) Three user definable physical buttons on one side, whose functionality is programmed on the paired phone. I will set mine to get my phone to a) play internet radio for another X minutes, b) change to another station, b) sleep alarm.

That's because I like to use TuneIn on the phone to listen to the BBC when going to sleep, and if I wake up during the night. But fiddling with a smartphone UI tends to wake you up too much, whereas just blindly pressing a physical button on my wrist wouldn't.

The other thing I'd (ultimately) like a watch to do is just store data, which is then made (securely) wirelessly available to appropriately configured other devices. Like a personal LastPass.


They're going about this all wrong. These designers are stuck on old ideas and can't move past the traditional look and function of a watch.

Forget smart watches- we want wrist displays. Something the size of Leela's (from futurama) wrist contraption. Make something that isn't just a toy with limited functionality. Give it full functionality where users could use it as the primary display, if they so choose, where you never have to pull your phone out of your pocket.

This could be done with the flexible displays and batteries. Surely, it would be expensive, but I would pay it for full functionality.
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