Sony vaio dvd player help!



My vaio came with a good dvd player which went south as I used copies on it. I assume. I live in Ecuador and you cannot get original dvd's here. So i unistalled it, hoping to be able to reinstall it and have it work again. Can I download it from the internet for free if I had it included on my vaio when i bought it? And the other option, the Windows Media Center, is good, but I cannot get the volume up high enough. It is stuck on 50%. Any ideas how to fix that?
Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

The SONY VAIO's laptop never comes with CD or DVD drivers, or OS. So, the best option for you is that download the drivers from the VAIO's web site, with the service tag of your laptop.

Si no se entendio bien en ingles, mejor explico en español.

Los portatiles de VAIO nunca trane CDs o DVDs de instalación o recuperación, no importa la ciudad o el pais. En este caso, con el service tag de su portatil los puede descargar de la pagina web de SONY VAIO.

Saludos desde Colombia.