Question Sony Vaio Fit 15A doesnt Power On, what could it be?

Mar 31, 2020
Hello there!
I was doing some office stuff on my Sony Vaio Fit 15A. Suddenly, it went black and it didnt start from there on. It was really hot so i unplugged the charger and let it there for about 30 min for cooling down. After it was cool to the touch i wanted to boot it up back again but it didnt start. Not even one life-sign from it. The LEDs at the front are not lighting up either when plugging the charger back in. I have waited a several hours now and tried to start it sometimes but nothing. I already screw it open and looked for optical damages but nothing, there isnt dust in the fan either. Pressing the reset button for short, 5 seconds or 20 seconds didnt help either. I hope somebody here can help me.

Another question; How could i save my hard-disk if its still ok including the data on it? Are there adapters for PCs?