Question Sony Vegas Pro 13: Video/Audio FX Windows extremely laggy after reinstall

Sep 5, 2019
Before you ask- yes, I already posted this on the official Vegas forums. It's been around 10 hours and I still have no answer. Looking online, all I see are "how to fix preview lag" and so this is my last resort.

Hello everyone,

I have a copy of Sony Vegas Pro 13, have had it for about 3 years. It's ran very smooth the entire time, up until recently. I was clearing out one of my HDD's and in the process I ended up reinstalling Vegas to a different hard-drive. No worries, I thought, because I do a lot of moving around and I've used Vegas from this specific drive before.

But, this time around, it's been acting up. Whenever I'm in a video or audio FX window, including video event FX (you can see why this is a problem), it runs extremely laggy. I've looked all over for answers but all I can find are ways to fix preview lag, which isn't an issue. It loads in slowly, showing me an empty gray window for about 3-4 seconds, and then when trying to apply or change effects, it is literally seconds behind. Dragging while inside Pan&Crop is painfully slow.

I've gone through every setting and they all appear to be exactly the same as they were before the reinstall. I can't remember if it started acting up like this immediately after the reinstall, or if it just happened sometime later.

Things I've tried thus far include:

  • Clearing up the drive a bit more
  • Making sure the HDD is healthy
  • Increasing (& Decreasing) allocated memory (for the preview settings. am i missing a possible "general" ram option?)
  • Reinstalling again
  • Turning off/on GPU acceleration
  • Turning off/on Optimize GPU display performance (I thought that maybe the preview was running too high of a quality.. it wasn't)

PC Specs:
  • GTX965M
  • i7-4720HQ @2.7GHz
  • 8GB RAM
Windows 10/Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 on hybrid (SSHD) drive.