Question Sony X90K TV loses audio via HDMI ?

Dec 27, 2022
I have the problem that after seconds or minutes sometimes hours the sound is gone at once. The only thing that helps is to restart the computer or turn G-sync off or on again. Then the sound is back.
I tested with two different 2.1 HDMI cables on a computer and on a notebook.
pc: 5900x,Geforce 3080 12gb,B550I AORUS PRO AX Nvidia win10 Notebook: legion 5 15ach6h, Geforce 3070 win10On both devices only amd chipsatz driver and Nvidia 527.56 Driver installed
firemware of tv is the newest: PKG6.6070.0711EUA
On TV i testet HDMI Port 3 and 4 with both VRR Mode enabled rest is default. On the Notebook, Pc G-sync was enabled with checkbox on" Enable setting for the selected display model ". 3840x2160 120hz HDR 10 Bit RGB
What i tryed:
  1. I Try to update Sony tv in the windows device manager. it says the latest driver is already installed
  2. reduce the bit rate to 16bit 44100hz.
Here a screen of my settings:
Can't find much about it on the internet, could it be that my television is broken? The only thing I can think of would be to try Win11.