Sony XBR-49X700D: Vertical Lines


Jan 19, 2014
Sony XBR-49X700D
Manuf: 2017

Here's another post complaining about vertical lines in an LED TV...

I have a Sony XBR-49X700D that decided one day to display a black screen and the dreaded "Sony Six Red Blinks". I buried my face in my hands, fully aware that the "Sony Six Flash" error code typically means either of two things: a failed T-CON board, or--more likely--one or more dead backlight LEDs. Bleh.

So I did the easiest thing first: I swapped the T-CON board. No change in status. I heaved a plaintive sigh, then began the onerous chore of dismantling the TV to get at the LED backlight. Sure enough, one of the LEDs in one of the boards tested dead. I replaced the bad LED strip with new. The backlight array now works perfectly and there is no red flash code. Yay!


After I powered on the TV, the display now has vertical lines on both sides and a large swath of grey cuts along the middle (see image). Vertical lines typically are caused by a bad T-CON board and/or a poor ribbon cable connection, sooo I swapped between two T-CON boards I have for this TV and re-seated the two ribbon cables that connect the T-CON to the panel--no change. Sucks balls...

Surely there's some simple thing I've overlooked. I am stumped. I can't imagine a formerly working panel is now broken to this extent.

What causes vertical lines? What else should I check?
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