Discussion Sony XBR-49X800H Android Tv as a monitor: good

Jan 27, 2021
Should Smart TV be on a different tomsguide.com and Displays mean PC monitor up to 27" but not TV compatible, anymore? Or is that the past. My say is: that's the past.

Excellent for legibility reading coding work. At 60 fps and 50", good gaming too.

Sony XBR-49X800H Android Tv as a computer monitor? I found a great monitors comparison page: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/ Everything the page said about the Sony has been true (including it's strong ability in the "use as monitor" department). If you don't want to pay $125 for an older technology IPS technology that can't double as a TV: this monitor is a solid well built choice. Sony has a reputation for good TVs going back decades: this model I feel is no exception.

Yea, 60fps is "low" (an $115 24" HP monitor can do 75fps), but a large format monitors/tv 120hz are still $1,5000 out of my price range: while ~ $550 is an "an investment" for me: I need it for easier reading, and it isn't bad for games either, and it being able to double as a TV is a cost bonus. I can say "best in it's price range and size". I don't think you can find similar specs same size hardly - defiinitely not with android tv built-in.

Google / Andriod TV is cool. It doesn't block Youtube and runs web browsers and productivity apps too; it's like having an (iphone 5) inside your TV. You won't be 3D gaming on it though. Still waiting for google to release the compile from scratch release with all drivers ? :) FireTV is the ONLY competitor - it blocks Youtube but it does sideload apps (thus, you can get a web browser then run youtube). If you have slim computer / gaming needs you might not need a laptop ?!

I trust Sony and they have good customer service: my previous monitor Sony 15-sf was great. I had one issue, after PC sleeps mouse was lagging. I found I just change picture mode Graphics<>Games and back, mouse is restored. I then went to store to get 18Gbps+ cable. A "problem free monitor" should be on anyone's list. However - if you have "special connections or formats" to make - i'd check the URL above: all TV and monitors have holes in support. Sony is good in what it supports but doesn't support fringe formats. A monitor like LG might support fringe screen formats but have holes that might surprise you in other respects that are normal use.

BUT SEE THE URL ABOVE: don't take any youtube video for granted that this or that TV works good (there are things you cannot see in those videos!!!)

Summary: if your 1/2 on gaming and 1/2 on working as "required ability"? Yes, TV do work as monitors if you shop carefully and Sony's IPS above is one of very few of good tv specs in $500 price range: 120Hz TV - that's cost you 3x as much in today's market as a 120Hz pc monitor, and a capable HP 24" 75Hz at $115 is "cost efficient", so consider your real-estate and "soar eyes" factors. There are 3 really different markets to be in: small but capable and cheap, 50" and 60fps and good worker, 50" and OLED and take no prisoners ?!