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Sony's All-Access Subscription Plan Now Live

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Jul 16, 2011
Will I get my data stolen again?
If you plan on using ANY service on the internet ... oh i dunno like email, purchase something online, etc ... then plan on the possibility of data being stolen.

Like when you walk down the street... plan on being mugged.

Otherwise the only way to be absolutely being sure that no data will be stolen is to follow these steps in increasing levels of security:

1. Do not transmit any personally identifiable information while using the internet which can be traced back to you.
2. Do not store any personally identifiable data on your computer.
3. Do not connect your computer to the internet.
4. Do not any wireless or wired technologies that transmit data.
5. If using electronics, use only devices that receive information (like old style "dumb" tvs, analog radio receiver)
6. Burn all mail after reading
7. Use rippled glass for windows in the house and sound dampening felting to defeat laser mikes.
8. Do not use any commercial services that require you to be personally identifiable, like banks etc.
9. Only take payments in cash. Convert long term cash savings into anonymous assets like gold coins.
10. Do not use ANY government services (this could be tricky if you own your own home, or an automobile - though there are legal ways around this problem).
11. Be cordial to your neighbours, but keep them at arms length.
12. Do not travel across international borders.
13. Always travel in public transport.
14. Wear eye shades that prevent iris recognition in public areas.
15. Wear clothing that prevent immediate recognition but is not conspicuous.
16. Keep your personal circle of trust small.

Of course this list is not completely exhaustive and the order could be tweaked... I am sure there others who could add to this discussion with much more expertise in security.


In the age of free-to-play, the only way they're gonna convince me to pay these extravagant subscription prices is if they work out a deal across multiple companies. Ex: pay one subscription, and play WoW, Elder Scrolls Online, Eve Online, SOE games, etc. I'd pay for that.

Or if SOE wants me back, open a Pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies server. Or even just let me play the Jump To Lightspeed component.


May 22, 2009
"Also, they aren't meant to be powerful. You want power get normal Macbook."

Ummm, I would have to be paid a salary to be straitjacketed into the jailamoron iPrison. There are people that have a honest take on the Apple cult. Using Apple products in total disregard for open standards, and the overpricing of technological mediocrity, is like preaching religious fanaticism. Thanks but no thanks. Sadly, I also admire Mr Cook and think that unlike Steve Jobs, he is truly a great man.
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