Jan 16, 2013
i am net to this community so please answer my problem

now i am in deep trouble and the problem is i usually connect dsl modem with trendnett wifi modem but due to some problem i have replaced dsl modem with newer one(dsl2520) now how to connect the wifi modem with it tell me the settings that should be changed in dsl site?????????

generally i connect adsl wire to dsl modem and lan wie shall be connecting between dsl modem and wifi modem and from wifi modem i will connect to computer lan slot. if i do the same process in the newer one its not coming at all so please say me how to solve it

and if isee the settings it is in bridge mode friend so please help me out as soon as possible


Jan 15, 2013

I am guessing English isn't your native language. Please excuse me if I answer your question incorrectly, and I misunderstood your issue.

You HAD a TrendNET DSL modem or modem / router combination unit, that had problems, so you replaced it with a dsl2520. Unfortunately that model does not show up as being a TrendNET product. A quick google search shows that there is a D Link product with that model identifier for non U.S. markets. From what I can tell, the D Link DSL-2520 is an ADSL modem, and WiFi / broadband router combination unit. Which is why your next paragraph confuses me gratly.

As I understand it, you connect the wire from the telco (what you are calling the adsl wire) to the dsl modem, and a LAN wire between DSL modem and WiFi modem.

Why would you do that if they are integrated into the same unit?

And then from WiFi modem to computer LAN slot. I assume you mean from the WiFi to the ethernet port on the computer. Again, if it is WiFi how are you cabling it?

I suspect what you had before from TrendNET was a broadband router with WiFi like the TrendNET TEW-731BR. With a router you would...

#1. Connect the DSL modem to the DSL line. In the United States that is an RJ-11 modular plug connection (DSL and aDSL more or less are the same thing.).
#2. Connect the router to the ethernet port on the modem..
#3. Connect the computer to the ethernet switch on the router, and to the ethernet port on the computer.
#4. Log in to the router from the computer, and through the router's management interface, you would configure the PPoE settings to allow your router to log in to the DSL modem / service.

IF you are using a DSL modem / router combination unit, it will not work when wired directly to another DSL modem. You only need one modem. The cord between the modem at the wall should be fairly skinny, the cord between the modem and the router should be thicker, the same as the cord between the router and the computer.

You will need to go to the D Link website for your region and search for the support documents and configuration manuals for that model device.