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Feb 4, 2010
Maybe. The 4800 series are power hogs, especially the 4870 and 4890 models. If we were talking about a 5700 series, I'd bet that it'd be fine because of their reduced power consumption.

The longer answer is that we'd need to know every component in your system, including cooling, and then guesstimate its peak consumption.

I'd recommend finding it locally if you're dead set on this model. Waiting for return shipping, paying the restocking fee and waiting for a replacement isn't very fun.

PSUs aren't an area where I like to skimp. And personally I prefer the ST-70F. Silverstone's RMA dept has been good to me (I busted my 40-pin cable pin 1 stupidly and they shipped me a replacement, for free, that arrived in two days), though I like waiting for them to be on sale.