SORRY guys! the Geforece GTX 745 does NOT suck!

Mar 15, 2018
I JUst have to say I'm reading so much on here negative about the Nvidia (Oem) GTX 745 AND I SIMPLY HAD TO POST! I am no newbie when it comes to gpu's and multi gpu rigs- I own mainly radeon graphics cards- mostly a ton of 4gb and a couple 8gb rx 470's, a few 480s, 4 Rx 560's, 3 rx550s, 2 rx vega 56', 1 rx vega 64's, 2x (aka the annihilator LOL) Radeo ProduoX2's dual gpu cards with so much power they come with liquid cooling and a a highpower radiator fan setup installed stock for god's sake! a r9 fury and 2 r9 nanos, a 2gb r7 260, 5 R7 350s (incredible card for he price efficiency outperforms just about all r9's) -4x 4gb & 1x 2gb versions, a handful of single 2,3, and 4 gb low-highend/ high-midrange r9s ie 270x 280x 290 290x with liquid cool, a 380, 390, 390x, 295x as well as a host of older amd/ati cards from HD series (a 5770 1gb, 2x 2ND GEN MSI 4850 active cooled 1gb(for budget builds I do), a 6850, 3x 6870- 2x 1gb version and 1 2gb (a little power hungry for today but the 256bit 6870's and 6970's and 50's are quite awesome cards some of the best off all time IMO , taking production date unto account, th e 128bit 7770 is quite efecient for a HD series but u=it delievers like hell and actually outperforms a r7 260x with lower TDP!), 2x 6950 2gb, a 6970, 2 7770s, a 7790, 7990 X2dualGPU a few older firepro workstation gpus, a coupe pcie x1 interface 512gb firepro VERY OLD, a single r5 250 2gb, a pegagtron 256mb HD 34350(SUPER OLD). for nividias- 3 gtx 1060s 2x3gb 1x6gb, a gtx 970 & 960 (Both 4gb), 4 750ti's, 1 770 480SE and 560, 5x pcie x1 version gt 710 (no riser card needed! zotac tiny card for mining performance boost-plus crushes most integrated graphics for super cheap), a GTX 780ti and 660ti, 2 gtx 1050ti's, 1 Nvidia Titan xp, 1 GTX 1080 11gb, 1 gtx 1070 8gb, 1 gt 1030 2gb and 17, yes 17 FREAKING GTX 745's. and I just got another one on ebay that's on its way *note the HP version is by far the best with a faster mem clock, lower power usage under full load and a display port instead of the vga port, card is more flexible and Ive never had any problems with the 10 HP 745's I own, DELL is BY FAR the worst. real junk compared to the others- constant problems (had 2 go bad on me - only 745s to ever do that to me). The HPs also cone with an active dvi-VGA converter with a HD scaling chip so no worries there and through the display port on the newer version hp 745's Ive had 6 yes SIX independent as well as 4 sync'd with one independent monitors running without breaking a sweat hooked up all to 1 card- I just tried it one day for the hell of it and it worked.

the next best 745 after the 2nd gen hp would be the ASUS cards (asus isn't known for generally making low-end or cheap things for that matter so the fact that they manufacture their own version of the 745 should tell you something in and of itself!).

These cards can mine cryptonote based currencies SO well for the price and they use less power than most fluorescent lightbulbs! and for memory intensive mining or mining that has to load a file into your v-ram (ie ethereum- which these will easily handle the dag file but performance isn't much- but condiering how much power the card uses- it actually mines pretty well- just MUCH better performance mining monero, bytecoin, digitalnote, AEON, fantomcoin, boolberry, dashcoin (not DASH) quazarcoin etc, mines equihash a little better than etherium I'm mining bitcoin gold and zcash right now on two745s, libry, decreed work even better, blake is ok, and x11 ghost is pretty impressive.) the 4gb really rocks- and its not crappy 64bit width like most d3 cards out there or dreaded unholy 32 or 24 bit (Yikes) its the standard 128bit width you find on most decent mid-lower highend GPU's. the cards make mining rigs that kick ass especially when spit with some AMD RX cards which obviously blow them out of the water but I just bought a GTX 745 for 50$ 2days ago that has not been used even-just pulled out of a new system to swap in a GTX 1070 apparently. SO if your just a gamer- yeah you should look elseware, if you want a very flexile card that you don't have to go crazy if it breaks that can be overclocked and modded quite a bit- ive even figure out how to liquid cool most of them (except for the dells_ DONT BUY DELL 745's they absolutely suck- use on average of 12 more watts each mining and only get about 65-85% the hashrate of othe gtx oem cards, also having a little software and driver modification installed and a gtx 745 as a 2nd gpu allows it to speed up your computational power like you wouldn't believe. oh and did I mention at full load you have to literally strain to hear them they are so quiet and they produce almost no heat unless overclocked WILDLY (liquid cool only in that case-still silent). as a secondary computational GPU and a solid main GPU like a rx 470 or 570- you will just about crap your pants at the gaming abilities from that modest lineup (provided u have a decent CPU, ram, and a ssd or sshd never hurts (huge fan of sshd's myself, and m2 ssd's), people tlk about dirty marketing with the tantalizing 4gb vram for the not tech savvy. BUT...
Consider this.
its gddr3 with a 128 bit bus, not freakinbad,
2 yes it is entirely possible to make use of the full 4gb of ram and it comes in VERY handy when MINING certain memory intensive cryptocurrencies.
For the specs and power of the card compared to most card used for mining nowadays. Just had to post this as I see so much negativity regarding this card (and no its not an oc'd gt730- different gpu design completely and can be HIIGHLY OC'd on its own fyi.) bottom line, I'm A radeon guy 98% of the time, but the gtx 745 is probably the best Nvidia out there for my needs The Nvidia GTX 745 4gig RULES! now go mine monero damnit!

The Paladin

I really tried to read your rant, but I am, sorry you lost me very quickly.
You need to paragraph this up because your making it Extremely hard for anyone to want to read this block of letter jumbled together.

Sorry because it caught my attention.


The potential in your writing is there, the experience behind your post is quite thorough and it's obvious you want to help people crypto mine.

Agree with Paladin, just need to work on paragraphing.



Feb 11, 2015
Well danm I'm not gonna read all that poorly written post. If you are trying to say mining with a 745 is good, you are full of it.

The GTX 745 draws 55watts. It COSTS more in power than what you get from mining. Waste of money. It is a cutdown (GM107) 750 Ti (Maxwell).
Mar 15, 2018
Wow. Just wow.
No I'm not full of it and I apologize for the poor writing I just got a new phone and haven't really gotten the feel for the keyboard layout yet nor have had the time to even root it or evenchange the keyboard and autocorrect which is horrible.
Drawing 55 Watts is nvidias stock production model specs. The HP I models usw around 40 and that's besides the point considering even if it was pulling 70 it would still be profitable if you actually know what you are doing. Mining cryptonote/cryptonight/cryptonote-lite algos is usually better on and gpus most people tend to agree on this (not looking to start an argument) but considering in it's unmodified stock state a single HP brand gtx 745 will hash over 160h/s of monero and merge mine xdn or fcn or whatever else is compatable at a considerable rate off of less power than a stock RX 550 uses and also considering I just bought another 745 for 60 dollars brand new pulled from a machine that was brand new so that a better gaming gpu could be installed in it's place (6 gig gtx 1060.) before the machine was ever even turned on. so with the cost and the hash power -and this was on freaking minergate mind you for God's sake! which any good miner is going to know 9 times out of ten won't give you anywhere near the hash potential your card has If you were to use it it with some more technical sofware ie like xmr-stak or claymore etc. There are alot now that monero has gotten popular. And yes you would be right - about it costing more IF I was attempting to mine equihash algo currency (Nvidia usually outperforms Radeon on zcash and zen and btc gold and the like- but that is not the case with this gpu) or attempting to mine ethereum with it. But do your homework that was the whole point of this post- these gpus are dismissed as crap when they have incredible potential for the the amount of money they cost IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING and configure the card, drivers and software properly and mine the correct algo for this card to become very profitable.

people look at the specs and go oh screw that! or non technically inclined computer buyers go "wow a 4 gig vram gtx series chip in this computer I'm buying for only half the cost of this other one I'm looking at with only 2gigs! What an amazing deal on a great gaming card since it's a gtx with 4gb it must be awesome and look at that price! Wow!" I can see why people are biased but have you, who called me "full of it" ever attempted to make a cheap probably not profitable gpu into a crypto generating machine? I doubt it, and I'll be honest and say I would not have either but I had a client who wanted to mine and this was all he had to work with on the comp he just impulse bought and so he paid me enough to sit down and actually try and figure out a way to make it work. And because of that i found a hidden treasure- I'm a radeon fan generally - not entirely but I never would have discovered this had I not done this for my client- oh and considing I MINE FOR A LIVING AND BUILD RIGS AND TEACH OTHERS HOW TO DO THE SAME AND HOW TO TRADE TO MAKE A PROFIT I'm happy to be full of it in that case- you can keep your ignorance while I build mining rigs for next to nothing that allow beginners to make a good deal. So not profitable? I don't think so bud. This is my job and how I support my family so nice asumption tho. I would have stayed ignorant and ignored the card just like so many do just like you I'll admit i would have as well in the past but before I simply dismiss an idea at least I try to work with it in the real world. You might try it sometime it actually makes you alot of money every once in a while and when it does not, you still come away with a good deal more knowledge. Again- whole reason I went on that rant was attitudes like the one you just displayed- I should have spell checked yes I know but this cheap ass card that I was looking up at the time trying to find some small piece of bios info that isn't really important, can do things Id never thought it was capable of and I've been following cryptocurrency since Bitcoin was being mied on CPUs. And instead of finding people with information I just find people with preconceptions and can't find the info I needed so I just had to say something. So I'm full of it I guess and happily so.


Try summing up your post in a few lines, "The 745 is a good card for mining because of x y and z reasons", giving results per watt used and time it takes. I still have no idea what those reasons are since 95% of the words in your post have nothing to do with the actual reason you think that is an "good card". Is there a chart or something where you compared cost of card, with cost of running it with currency mined vs other cards?

The % of people using video cards for mining vs gaming on is tiny. For a gaming card, the 745 is not good. It's like saying that a Camry is a bad car because it does not drive in mud as well as a Jeep.