Sorry had to do it... FX 5950 Ultra or 9800 XT


Jun 26, 2002
New generation high end cards are coming very soon. They should be much faster than current high-end cards. So waiting is the best option

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Nov 24, 2003
9800pro xt is pathetic, not a real increase over the 9800pro for the 200 dollar expense difference.
5950 is definately a huge improvement over the other Nvidia lineup, but i'd still rather use a card with Anti Aliasing.
If your into overclocking the 5950 is a better choice if your into stock speeds with terrific looking graphics 9800xt would be better suiting.

People will prolly yell at me , but whatever.
But as spitfire said buying either of those right now isn't a very good idea, due to new cards that will be out in a couple of months.
If you wanted a card right now this second i'd suggest a 9800pro.

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Oct 29, 2002
its a 9800xt, not a 9800proxt

btw, a 9800 nonpro might be worth lookin into . its hella fast, just a clock speed decrease (equal to about a 9700pro, stronger in some areas as well) ... and you can get them really cheap if you look around

a 9800pro can he had for 210$ <A HREF="" target="_new">right now at newegg</A>.. thats only one site i checked. prolly could get for less if you shopped around. a 9800nonpro could be had for even less... and either one would last you a good 1.5 years, not bad at all for the price. if you have the cash, you cant go wrong with either one
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OVerclocking isn't only an FX5950 thing. Both overclock well, and I can show you as man if not more XT overclocking wins than FX wins. Overclocking should not be looked at for either of these because they both do it well enough to call it a draw. On raw performance the R9800XT wins most of the time.

As for upgrading, yes if thinking about shelling out monster coin for the top of the line now, it's a waste.

The R9800 and R9800Pro can be found for $200 and that's a GREAT deal to tide anyone over until the new cards arrive. Then take all that money one would have spent on the R9800XT/FX5950U and then invest it in the next generation, and then sell the R9800/RPO and recoup your coin and then play now, and in the future. That would be the way to have a card now, and have the best when they come out next month (or the month after next).

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