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Question Sound and video dont mix & I forgot how to turn the RGB In my fans back on

Jun 11, 2020
In 2017 I built my gaming pc following LinusTechTips (the RGB build) and I ran into a lot of software problems with the RGB

It never synced properly so I turned it off and then one day it was working fine

Then I turned them all off bc I noticed it blinded me when I was trying to get work done and now I cant remember how tf to turn the RGB back on (so it can match the wall paper stuff like the rest of the build)

Also for about 2 months now my audio and video keep getting missmatched

Randomly the audio or video be either ahead of behind one another and I updated / removed / reinstalled the reltik sound stuff countless times and it still keeps happening

Im thinking its the dell display manager? (Ever since I built the PC it keeps spamming me saying I need to connect a supported dell monitor and I use a dell monitor)

-Forgot how to turn the RBG back on my corsair fans
-The sound + video keep de-synching
-Dell display manager keeps saying my dell monitor isnt supported

I use a rog maximus x hero (wi-fi ac)mother board

Any help would be a life saver bc im so sick of these problems that I cant seem to google (ima tech noobie) and its getting to the point where I wanna sell this pc and just go back to having a boring ass macbook pro for work (i really dont wanna sell my pc so pls help! xD)