Question Sound Blaster Z microphone echo


Mar 16, 2013
Win 7 64 bit SP1 and latest available security updates.

The problem is that any input to the microphone results in a single-tap.... maybe 100ms... echo coming into my headphones. If I record the mic's output, the echo is not there at playback.

Here is what I have done to try to stop it.

  • microphone plugged into socket nearest the RHS of the card as viewed from the rear of the PC, as shown in the pamphlet.
  • Mic is the default recording device
  • any audio apps are off AFAIK
  • I can monitor and record the mic in Audacity and also in Reaper.
  • in the SB app, I have "Wot U Here" turned off in the Mixer module and only the Microphone set to be alive for input.
  • I have everything off in the SBX Pro Studio and all other compartments
  • In the CrystalVoice module I have CrystalVoice offand the recording device as Microphone, which I have set to Windows Default.
  • I have the EQ turned off.
  • I am wearing heaphones and the microphone is about a metre away. It can barely hear my voice: most of my testing is done by simply moving the mic on the desk, or tapping it.
This echo happens whether I am in a programme, monitoring the mic, or just in Windows, working on a document.

I strongly suspect some sort of loop....Wot U Here? etc, but as I say I have (AFAIK) killed that.

It sounds pretty cool if I use my deep in the tank voice, but then reverb always does :)

Any help appreciated.