Sound Card for Music out to home theater


Nov 30, 2003
Right now I have an Audigy Platinum.... great card except for some reason every now and then when playing an mp3, once it stops, my comp just restarts out of nowhere
nothing fixes this problem
i was thinking of getting the new ZS Platinum but seems people are still having trouble with that as well

I dont really play games... mainly just music and some movies... but i have a tv and dvd player i;d like to get a home theater setup for... and hook my comp to it as well... i have the Klipsh 5.1 which are fantastic... but i cant hook the dvd player to them (why cant klipsch add a nice digital input!)
so what would be a good card to get? that M-Audio revolution sounds very tempting.. but i kinda like havint the platinum's front panel bay, nice to have the inputs and outputs right in the front (anyone know if you can build a front bay with the Revolution?)

so just wondering what people think would be a good setup? i want the comp for music (i use the creative CMSS feature to up stereo to 5.1) and downloaded movies (not dvds) go to a home theater setup
5.1 is fine.. i dont really need any more than that


Feb 9, 2004
I had the m-audio revolution and loved it. Unfortunatly it wouldn't work with my matrox for capture, so now my lucky friend has it. I've had the audigy 2 platinum and thought it was crap. The m audio also has digital in and a nice control panel. They have other cards with break out boxes and more inputs. . Most everything in my sterio has back inputs except vcrs and tvs. I don't want cords in my frount. My computer has a digital out to my amp. Get the m audio and you will be very happy :) My 2 cents

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