Sound Card makes buzzing sound through speakers or headphones!


Dec 21, 2011
So hi all. I recently bought a rig on 23rd february ( about a month and a week ago ), and everything is working fine except the sound produced from my headphones OR speakers has a soft buzzing pszzzzz sound. It exists even if i mute the sound, and is present at the same noise level despite increasing/decreasing the volume meter.

The headphones i use is a seinheisser HD 415 ( sorry if i spelt the brand wrong )
Speakers I use is logitech speaker Z103 ( a woofer and 2 mini side speakers ).
The sound is clearly produce from my headphones OR speakers... as if i dont wear the headphones, there is no sound, or if i dont use any AUDIO device there is no sound.

I use Realtek HD Audio manager
driver version
Im using the onboard graphics of motherboard gigabyte z68ap-d3

Im a pretty poor university student, so i really wanna know if getting a dedicated sound card solves it or I should just do some minor tweaking and save money :p.

in any case, you might need my system specs, its an i5-2500, some kingston ddr3 1300mhz 8 gigs, a 560 ti, a WD blue 500 gb HDD, and some 500 watts CM PSU.

thanks in advance !
Typically when there are problems like this there is a fault in the hardware. It could be anything from interference to often cheap low grade caps. A faulty psu can cause pops and crackling even when the board is good. I would start searching around for a solid sound card that is the least work to tweak. Modern sound cards are exactly plug and play like they used to be mainly because of low grade caps and bad design. The good cards are either almost a decade old or will cost well over $100 easy.