Question Sound changes after Windows 10 Update

Shadow Slasher

Jul 11, 2016
Hello there!
I have a problem that I recently encountered after the Windows update. Eventhough it's really hard to explain, I will try my best to make it clear to you.
I had bought a pair of headset, the Logitech G432 (VERY good headset) for gaming purposes 2-3 months ago. Everything was working perfectly, I could hear everything very clear, until I noticed that after the Windows 10 update (about 4-5 days ago) the sound changed.
Whenever I am in a game and there is a constant and continuous same sound (imagine a noise that is the same for a continued amount of time) the sound lowers by itself. I don't know if you understand it, but the sound sort of gets muffled and lowered down. This NEVER happened before the update and no, my headset is in perfect condition. No physical damages or anything like that.
While I was playing a game today that is greatly focused in sound (footsteps and gun sounds) I noticed that some noise gets overwritten by other noise, resulting in WAY lower volume than it used to have before the windows update.
ALSO, when I talk with my friends on discord, if I set the volume to 100, my friends have sort of a "robotic" voice, but that happens only in max volume.
But on the other hand, I tested this while playing some music. Even if the music played on maximum volume, it would still be crystal clear, so I have no idea what's causing this strange problem...
It's confusing, but that's all I can describe you.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Go into device manager, tell the system to uninstall the sound device, then to delete your sound driver. Reboot and let the system try to find a new driver. Sometimes that will fix it. If not, you may need to go to the website of your soundcard/motherboard manufacturer, and download the driver from them.