Question Sound coming out very quietly from left speaker; a real stumper

Sep 13, 2021
Hello All,

I recently put together a PC. The likely relevant components are

Mobo: Asus TUF Gaming 550b-Plus
Speakers: Logitech GigaWorks T20 II (just simple 2.0 speakers)
OS: Windows 10

Why is it a stumper and not just something I could've looked up myself? Because I've done just about everything and I don't see what's left to eliminate. Please help me.

What I've done:
Tested the speakers to ensure they work - yes, they work on other devices (they're still seem a little low on the left, but it might just be my imagination)
Tested the computer audio with another set of speakers - I tested with a 2.1 (just one cord, so just a 2.0 with a sub) and neither front speaker worked at all, except the sub
Tested the audio with headphones - works absolutely perfectly and sounds great
Tested every other jack on both the case and i/o - the only back jack does anything is light green as expected, the front headphone jack gives the same nearly silent left side
Ran the audio through the speakers, through the headphone jack on the front of the speakers - nearly silent left side like usual

Uninstalled and Reinstalled:
Drivers from ASUS website
Default HD audio windows drivers
Driver's from the CD-ROM that came with it
Windows 10
Updated BIOS
Disabled and enabled the sound unit via BIOS
Updated all other drivers

And I've:
Tested every sound setting I can find on Windows 10
Lightly flicked the audio chip cover with my finger...

At this point, the only thing I can figure is that there is some sort of defect on the motherboard sound component where it isn't running enough power through the jack.

Does anyone have anything I can check, anything I might have missed? I would love to not RMA this motherboard over this. Thanks in advance.
And I've:
Tested every sound setting I can find on Windows 10
there are sometimes multiple places you will find balance settings.

in Windows Sound,
in Realtek control software,
sometimes in separate motherboard control software,
taskbar sound panel,
3rd party software for streaming or communication, etc.

if you can't find any interface with an altered balance setting;
try a fresh OS install,
if still no good contact ASUS support for RMA.