Sound cuts out for a second P8Z68 mobo


I built my PC last week and had no problems with sound or anything, everything worked fine.

After installing Call of Duty 4 and having to enable "Stereo Mix" on playback recording devices (the game would load untill i did this due to another error). Now the sound seems to cut out for a second every like 10-15mins or so. Ive tried disabling the Stereo Mix again however the problem is still happening.

Im using a ASUS P8Z68 mobo which is using RealTek Audio manager. When the sound cuts i get a pop up saying an audio device has been unplugged. This happens if i use speaker, or my headset in the rear I/O ports AND the front panel connectors too.

Anyone got any suggestions? (Id like to avoid having to buy a PCI sound card) and would ideally like to fix what ive got.



Jul 17, 2011
A few people (including myself) are having this issue. It only started happening to me once I updated to BIOS version 0902, so that's the likely culprit. Version 1101 just came out, though I doubt it will actually fix this.