Question Sound devices very quickly and constantly cutting out and switching.

Dec 4, 2019
Hello everyone! I'm posting for a friend (who will be commenting shortly), I have an issue with my newly built system. It's my sound devices going haywire. looking at sound devices, I could see digital audio and realtek speakers cutting in and out very quickly and continuously. The effect is a audio gets chopped up as if i were mashing the pause/unpause button. Internet is also affected and seems to be related to this.

I have win10 pro installed unactivated. I had installed

chrome > cpuid > gpuid >cpuidhwmonitor > steam > office 365

All my drivers have been updated but the issues seem to have started around the part when i installed Office365. The installer itself would start but would not move from 0%. Once I had gotten it to work was when i noticed that the sound issues started. Now, if i disabled all my sound devices, internet would be faster(still using ethernet cable), and the youtube videos play without stutter. reenabling it would bring back the symptoms.

I have tried:

Turning the computer on and off.
Checking and installing windows updates.
Installing the relevant drivers (and reinstalling) from the Asrock website.

Any help would be appreciated! More info on the following comment.

Asrock B450M Steel Legend
2x8gb RAM
R5 2600
240gb WD Green SSD
1tb WD Green HDD
MWE 650w 80+ White
All parts brand new and just assembled today.