[SOLVED] Sound issues on ASUS Z97-A (Realtek audio) ?


Oct 14, 2009
It's an ASUS Z97-A M/B, i7 Haswell, 16gb, GTX 1050 Ti, LG 32UL500-W monitor connected via Display Port. I used the registry mods to load Win 11 from a bootable USB.

Sometimes the audio works fine, other times it's garbled. I tried the old drivers direct from ASUS, that did not work. I updated the drivers for the nVidia card since the audio is going out the DisplayPort. It's weird it will boot with the garbled sound, then seem to work fine. Youtube videos are sometimes ok and sometimes not, it's random.
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It shouldn't be realtek if you running through Display Port, that is going to be GPU drivers

I believe new Nvidia drivers came out on 16th so could try those.