Apr 4, 2011
For some reason I can't seem to enjoy music or videos on youtube or Steam. When ever I seem to use anything with audio my computer likes to jutter the sound but I have had task manager up to see how much resources programs were using. It was nothing serious but firefox seems to use a lot. I checked the performance tab and my CPU spiked to 100% for a second. I thought I would leave it and see if it was just a little glitch but it has been happening a lot lately but it hasn't been going to 100% sometimes it goes to 60% or anything higher. I recently bought a new power supply thinking that my old one wasn't drawing enough power to the system which is an OCZ 600w PRO MODX.

My pc spec is:

Intel core 2 quad q8400 at stock speed
2x HDD 500GB + 1TB
1x external HDD 500gb
2 gb sticks 4GB DDR2 Corsair XMS2
4890 XFX at overclocking speed
600w ocz modxstream-pro

Please help becuase it's getting to the point where being on the computer while listening to music or watching videos is just annoying. It's also getting into games as well so they're not really enjoyable now.


Sounds like there is a good chance this is either a virus, or a program running in the background hogging resources.

Your PSU should be fine, I cant see why there would be any issues there..

Your PC will freeze and lag when CPU bounces of 100% this is because there's no resources left to run anything and so it just "hangs" until it can find some CPU power to run your applications.

If you have a Genuine copy of windows, "Microsoft Security Essentials" is a great, free anti-virus software that uses very little resources and is very effective.

You can use task manager to see what applications are running, and how much memory they are using. You can also monitor CPU performance.


Ok so ill presume this isn't down to a virus then.

Check your CPU performance and memory usage. A background application could be causing the CPU to lock up. Not sure how resource intensive McAfee is, but if its anything like Norton Anti Virus it could be this that's hogging much of your CPU power.

There's no way you should experience 100% CPU usage when just web browsing.


Sep 16, 2011
Dont presume...

Mcafee isnt that great!

Download anti malwarebytes from google, run an update and then do a full system scan using that. If you have a virus/trojan this WILL find it.