Question sound not wroking properly

Aug 8, 2021
some of my audio just doesn't work in some applications like google if I play any sound it will work but if I try playing another sound after that it won't until I restart google, discord won't work either like if I try and play a video or audio it won't work but if I test my mic it will. is there anything that could help with this?
you will have to provide much more information for any help diagnosing.

what's "Google"?
their web browser, their OS, some sponsored webpage of theirs?

also what audio hardware?
onboard motherboard audio,
specific soundcard,
external device?

and what drivers are you using?
default OS supplied drivers,
latest offered by the motherboard or soundcard manufacturer,
some file you downloaded elsewhere?

and provide your complete system specs as you should for any system-related query.