Question Sound on my computer dropped and is far too low on max volume


Jul 23, 2010
This happens to me about twice a year. It happens to thousands of other people and there are hundreds of threads about it on the internet. For some people it is a simple solution. But for the majority of us, we have been searching for a solution for decades and reading the same (about 10) solutions OVER AND OVER again. As if we haven't tried them 100 times. They do not work.

For me, the problem usually happens after a power outage. I live in Florida and we get a lot of them. It doesn't happen after every one, but again, about twice a year. The other times it has happened are after Windows updates, which seems to be when it happens to most other people.

The only thing that has ever worked for me is to reinstall windows and all my other software, drivers etc. Basically from scratch. This is not a problem with the computer brand, as it happens to people with many brands of computer, and I actually build all my computers myself. Windows Troubleshooter finds nothing wrong and makes it's one suggestion, which it will make even if you have nothing wrong with your sound.

I have found the solution to EVERY SINGLE problem I've ever had with my computer or software at Tom's Hardware. Except this one. So.... Could we figure this out once and for all? I can reinstall everything (as annoying and time consuming as it is), but there are many folks out there who throw out their computer. A computer with sound you can barely hear is useless to most people. I am prepared to answer the "Have you tried this?" and it being one of those same 10 things. Hopefully when that is done, someone will actually have a solution that works. I know there is someone out there who fixes computers for a living and has come across this 1000 times and knows the answer. Maybe they dont want to tell us, because then they can't charge 100 bucks to fix it. But this is my chance to try. Thank you.



Here are a few things you can try, if you haven't till now:

  • Check for BIOS Update
  • Scan your PC with SFC /SCANNOW
  • Re-create the problem by deliberately cutting off its power, and then try re-installing only the audio driver. (If not done yet)
  • Re-create the problem and try fixing it with the SFC /SCANNOW command
  • If the issue occurs after Windows Update, try uninstalling the driver, and re-install it in Compatibility Mode
  • After Windows Updates, try checking for driver updates as well
Please try the solutions and report back with the results if further assistance is needed.