Question Sound options not working after Win 10 update 1903


Nov 18, 2016

I am having issues with my sound after updating to Win 10 version 1903.
I have 2 audio devices plugged into my PC: my headset and a pair of speakers.
Before updating I would be able to switch from one device to the other easily by clicking on the Speaker icon in the bottom right and selecting which device I wanted audio to come out from.
HOWEVER, after updating I can no longer do that. My headset option is now gone and all that remains is my speaker option, but when both of my devices are plugged in, it will play sound out of my headset only. If I unplug my headset, then sound will come out of my speakers. I can't choose which device plays the audio anymore.
I tried updating drivers, uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, checking for other windows updates... even unplugging and plugging back in... nothing.

How can I fix this so I can have things back to how I originally had them? Or how can I at least create a new playback device?

Update: So I found out that the device that is plugged into the audio jack in the front of the PC is getting priority over the device plugged in the back because I swapped where each device was plugged into. Before, my headset was plugged into the front and my speakers in the back. Now it's the other way around and my speakers are playing sound now when both are plugged in.
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Jul 2, 2019
I presume your speakers are USB devices.

If so, I'd try looking in device manager under audio devices and uninstalling them, then restarting the system and plugging them back in.

On my machine, which uses Realtek Audio drivers and has integrated speakers, the speaker and headset output are handled precisely as you describe yours as being now. If the headset (or earbuds) are plugged in to the jack that's where audio is directed exclusively and when unplugged it goes to the speakers. It's always worked that way, too, prior to Version 1903 as well.

This has been a very typical configuration across makers and system styles for a long time now. Your prior configuration was unusual.