Question Sound Playing Through Mic

Dec 3, 2019
So my PC only has separate 3.5mm jacks for headphones and microphone. I was originally using a Hypr X Cloud headset that was a few years old. It worked fine except the material was falling apart. I recently bought a Hyprx Cloud Alpha. This headset only has one 3.5mm Jack for the headphones and the microphone. In order to plug it up, I have tried using a USB sound card/adapter and a splitter.

I eventually gave up on this setup after hours of reading through forums and changing options/downloading drivers. Now I have the Hyprx Alpha Headphones with a separate condenser mic mounted to my desk. However, game sound and other people talking in discord is somehow still picking up through my mic.

I have put the microphone far enough away that yelling doesn't pick up, but the sound playing through my headphones was still playing through the mic as well.

Here are some fixes I have tried:

  1. using the jacks on the back of the PC
  2. Uninstalling headphone and microphone drivers
  3. Realtek options for separating lines (tried every combination of options)
  4. Disabling stereo Mix
  5. Disabling the property in the "Listen"tab that makes your audio play through Mic.
  6. probably a handful of other fixes that I can't remember. This has been going on for weeks now.
Note: I can get audio to stop playing through mic. However, I have to lower mic gain and volume to the point that the mic cannot pick me up either.

Note: Issues started when I got a new PC. 9700K on a Gigabyte Gaming X Z390. Bios updated to F8.