Question Sound problem: Audio is flat and either too loud or too quiet

Jun 15, 2020
Hi, so I got a custom built PC about a week ago and ever since getting it I've been having this annoying problem of my audio being bassless and having sounds either be too loud or too quiet. For example is if I'm playing a game and there's a character talking or I'm listening to ambiance, it would be very low while other things in that same game would be overly loud. It's like there's no sound balancing at all. Another example is if I'm watching a video or listening to music, the audio would sound very flat and have no bass to it at all. I've tried sound equalization and it didn't really help too well. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling audio drivers multiple times with no luck, nothing gets worse or better it just stays the same.

It's starting to become frustrating figuring this out so I came here to ask if there's anyone that has dealt with something like this and has anything that can help? I don't mind retrying things I've already tried as long as I can get this problem fixed. Idk if you need to know any certain details about my PC to help but just ask if you need to know. Also thanks in advance anyone trying to help me out, I appreciate it.
May 25, 2020
What Hz you running at?

Should be one of the following.

16 bit 44100 Hz is CD quality audio.
16 bit 48000 Hz is Dvd quality audio.
16 bit 96000 Hz is Studio quality audio
16 bit 192000 Hz is studio quality

Try changing them around.